Start a Small Business with Credit 

 How Report Credit Repair Establishes your business 

  • Incorporate your business.
  • Obtain a federal tax identification number (EIN)
  • Obtain a D&B number
  • Establish a business phone number
  • Open a business credit file.
  • Obtain business credit card(s)
  • Establish a line of credit with vendors or suppliers

Whether you’re buying a franchise, creating a start-up, purchasing an existing operation or turning a hobby into a home-based entity – starting a business of any kind involves a great deal of planning and preparation. In addition to helping you incorporate or form an LLC, as well as providing information about how to start a business in each particular state, Report Credit Repair offers additional products and services useful to entrepreneurs when starting a business. Featured services include:


Business Credit
Building Business Credit is a challenging initiative. This must be done PROPERLY by experienced professionals or it could add several years to establish a profile. Companies Incorporated has developed program to build business credit that works with lenders and the corporate credit reporting agencies. Because lenders are more willing to lend to older companies – you can choose from our list of aged shelf corporations to enhance your borrowing power. We then work with your business to create the proper credit profile for your company and help you secure trade lines. We have taken the typical credit building path and condensed from 4 to 6 years down to 4 to 6 months and often as little as 30 days. Don’t wait until your business needs credit… creditors don’t want to lend money to businesses in need of it, so start building your small business credit profile today.

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DUNS File 15% OFF – Click here to get a D-U-N-S and basic business credit file in 5 business days or less

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CreditBuilder 10% OFF – Get your D&B D-U-N-S Number and basic business credit file in 5 business days or less


Repairing your credit report is one of the most important financial decisions you can make. Having a good credit report and score is equally important for everyone and we intend to help you get there, no matter what your current situation is. Creditier is here to help you achieve the best credit file possible by making the credit repair process effective, simple, personalized, and a good investment in your future. Our proven credit repair methods and processes, credit expertise, and guaranteed customer service make us the best in the industry. We are proud that we have had the opportunity to help thousands of people correct their credit reports Report Credit Repair, LLC is a national Credit is an extremely complex subject. At no fault of our own, early on, we are over whelmed with enticing credit offers; often leading to bad credit. We offer consumer credit services to assist clients with fixing their credit. We understand the complexity of credit and has developed a unique, highly personalized way to get your financial freedom and buying power back. Our goal is not only to improve your credit, but to educate you on the proper use of your credit.. We will walk you through every step and keep you informed—as excellent client relations is our top priority.

We give a detailed assessment of an individuals credit report based on the algorithm of credit. After analyzing the severity of credit damage, feasible credit potential and the goals of our client; we make a determination if our services will be the best option for the client. Once determined our services are the best option, we will put together a detailed plan to achieve our clients goal; typically in 6 months or less.

We are here to help your case.

Review your contract or employment agreement, to protect your interest before a problem arises

Our work Saves You Money. Consumers With Poor Credit Spend between $300 And $600 More Per Month. How? You Might Ask.

  • Auto & Home Insurance Premiums.
    Auto Finance Rates.
    Home Mortgage Rates.
    Couple % Points Will Cost $1,000s Over Term of a Loan.
    Mortgage Interest Tax Break. Renters Can’t Get This!
    Employers Base Hiring Decisions on Credit Scores and Profiles.Understand your malpractice insurance requirements, to minimize payment and maximize your coverage
  • Review the steps needed to start your practice, from billing numbers to hospital credentialing

Report Credit Repairs specializes in the delivery of personalized, comprehensive, and meaningful credit repair for personal and business.  

Positive Reporting for optimal credit

One of the most damaging financial threats to you is the possibility of inadequate reporting through complex credit formulas or a contract containing legal pitfalls that undermine future income.



  • Satisfaction with your contractual terms and definitions
  • Understanding your exposure in the event of a lawsuit
  • Guaranteed work/life balance
  • Confidence in negotiating physician contracts and employment agreements
  • Having the support and guidance of an experienced legal professional
  • Developing negotiating strategies without straining the potential employment relationship
  • Ability to present legal concepts in an understandable format
  • Someone who appreciates the physician’s perspective


Have been scammed before by criminals on Craigslist, Back pages who took our money away in hope they will give us a legal CPN/SNC, Trade-lines, Authorized Users, Shelf Corps and Business funding. As a revenge, we sought and found the hidden secrets of all these processes and we came together as one team to form Good Credit Union – a company founded on Trust, Business Integrity and Wealth creation for all.

  • We are affiliated with various bank underwriters, Venture Capitals, Vendors, and good contacts with the back office of all the major credit bureaus. We handle every client’s request the same with no discrimination.
  • We are a smart hard-working team working out of an office to help you navigate through the hidden treasures most wealthy people and profitable companies followed to achieve full financial freedom.
  • Feel free to contact us for all your business needs! Our prices are very decent compared to our competitors out there. Above all, we operate on a fair and open terms with every one.
    It’s quite obvious that the path to wealth comes with Investment and Sacrifices, so we always advice you have your finances together before ordering our service.
  • Getting your creditt reviewed is the first step in your success.

    Let our team of experts make sense of your credit